Here Are the Two Swank Dudes Martha Stewart Met on


Martha Stewart’s adventure into online dating continues! Thursday on the Today Show, Martha came in to meet her chosen two (and Matt Lauer) from “thousands of profiles.” She said that the hardest part was reading them “and trying to figure out if there was something in common.”

Lauer wanted to make it perfectly clear that we shouldn’t have too high expectations from this experiment. “This is not about finding love or finding a life partner – this is about going on a couple dates.” Well! Now that our dreams of love have been squashed, let’s meet BACHELOR #1.

Stan: Filmmaker/director/writer. Worked with Martha once, a long time ago, and had a crush on her then. Lives near her. Likes to paint. Likes to “work with his hands.” Likes to eat and have a nice glass of wine. Loves dogs. Likes a Sunday afternoon, just sitting around. Likes summer.

Verdict: Super cute! When Lauer asked Stan if he liked Martha back when they worked together on commercials, he bashfully says, “Oh, I guess I shouldn’t say,” and then admits that he “always really liked Martha. How could you not?” Adorable. Stan also just randomly found her on Match and didn’t even know that this was a whole thing the Today show was doing. Fate.

Now on to BACHELOR #2:

Larry: In the international steel trading business and says “I honestly love what I do.” Philanthrophic. Likes to hike. Like walking anywhere, anytime. Loves the New York Philharmonic. “Life really revolves around the ocean.” Has a daughter and a son. Says he wants “somebody who hasn’t lost the idea of what love is all about. With the right person, it’ll be new all over again.”

Verdict: Larry was nervous about going out with Martha, saying he was worried he would look like an opportunist. But he likes her curiosity and adventure. Eh Larry, try again.

Lauer explained that as this is (in Martha’s words) “real reality”, she’ll go out with each of them separately for coffee or something and they’ll keep us posted. I wish we could go on these dates with them; it would be better than any dating reality show ever.

Also at the end Zach Galifianakis showed up with flowers for Martha and she said the following to him:

“I watched your performance in your last very big blockbuster movie and I don’t think I would choose you!”

She rocks.

Here’s Martha Stewart’s Spanking New Profile


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