Here Is An Uncensored Cover Of Dasha Zhukova's Garage Magazine [NSFW]


Ex-Pop editor Dasha Zhukova’s latest foray into magazines has brought us the first issue of Garage, the only art/fashion mag to ever (to our knowledge) feature a lady’s ladyparts on a cover. Garage had quite the nifty publicity stunt this New York fashion week, when it was launched: ice-cream trucks (truck/garage; Garage is named for the Garage Center for Contemporary Culture in Moscow, which is itself housed in a former bus depot; geddit?) traveled around the city handing out ice cream cones, temporary tattoos, and copies of Garage. I flagged one down late one night last week outside Indochine; it was out of everything except, happily enough, for the magazine.

Now that every fashion magazine editorial and cover ends up on Fashion Gone Rogue and/or the Fashion Spot forums within — conservative estimate — minutes of rolling off the presses, I figured that with fashion week over and Garage on newsstands, a modesty sticker-less image of its labia cover would be online somewhere. But it’s not. So I thought I’d post it. Click to enlarge.

For its inaugural issue, Garage approached contemporary artists including Richard Prince, Damien Hirst, and Jeff Koons to design tattoos. Then, the magazine found men and women who volunteered to have the tattoos, and tattoo artists willing to execute the artists’ designs. Inside the magazine are Hedi Slimane photographs of the nine people who got the different tattoos. (The artist Dinos Chapman ended up getting his tattoo on his own arm, and then tattooed his brother Jake for good measure.) The photograph of Hirst’s butterfly tattoo, which was inked on 23-year-old Londoner Shauna Taylor, made one of Garage‘s three covers.

We already brought you a first look at the covers as they appear on newsstands, with Slimane’s photo covered in a modesty sticker. Now here is the uncensored version.

As for the rest of the magazine’s contents? If you’re interested in an interview by Zhukova with Tina Brown (“I am not a very patient steward, but I like being a revolutionary who comes in and fixes and changes something”), an account of Marina Abramovic’s recent visit to the Dau project in Ukraine, “a unique social experiment that recreates a typical Soviet-era scientific institute,” a Neville Wakefield essay about the art market, pictures of designer clothing made out of common foodstuffs, and redacted emails to and from the fashion writer Derek Blasberg (“p.s. see you there homo,…cock licker, asss eater…my role model”) — well, then in that case, Garage most certainly obliges.


Labia Star In First Issue Of Dasha Zhukova’s Magazine [NSFW]

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