Here's a Manifesto from the Sparkle Fiends at Glitter Bombs for Choice


On Wednesday, we told you about the anti-abortion groups who are suddenly getting loads of sparkly letters from a group calling themselves “Glitter Bombs for Choice.” Today, we received GBFC’s manifesto, from someone who we believe may not be using their real name. That’s my theory, anyway, because the person told us their name is “Geeves Bananahammock.”

The Glitter Bombers have been sending sparkle-filled letters to numerous anti-abortion groups and politicians. They don’t appear to be sending glitter to anti-gay groups or pols, although Texas state officials are deeply concerned that might start happening. Here’s the motivation for their glitter anarchy, from their manifesto:

We have one simple goal: to increase awareness of the fight for these rights to reproductive health care through the annoying tactic of mailing glitter to our opponents. We are fully aware that this tactic won’t change minds, but it will change vacuuming schedules.
If “sidewalk counselors” can hide behind the 1st Amendment in order to annoy and intimidate patients and providers, it is our 1st Amendment right to share a little glitter to highlight the opposition’s disgusting activities.

Geeves got in touch via a random email address, and quickly began spilling the beans about the inner workings of the group.

“As I am sure you are aware, Geeves is my anonymous name,” he or she told me. “Our intention is to stay anonymous as long as we can.” They’d also like to make it clear that the Glitter Bombers are not a front for a larger and less shiny organization.

“If you would please make it clear that we are a rogue group not affiliated with any other pro choice organization that would be awesome,” Geeves writes. “We are not done. Far from it.” Geeves adds, too, that while the FBI was called in to investigate their glitter bombing of Nebraska Congressman Jeff Fortenberry, GBFC claims that the FBI determined they hadn’t broken the law. (I haven’t seen that reported elsewhere. Correction: Local NBC affiliate WOWT reported that the message was not illegal because it didn’t contain a threat.)

Geeves explains: “I saw a comment on your other article how they wanted to send the glitter bombs that actually explode and expel the contents all over the recipient. This is EXACTLY what would make this illegal. We don’t mind folks joining in and targeting their favorite anti-choicer, we just want them to know to do it legally.”

He or she also suggested keeping an eye on Tennessee. “A few more congress people will be very sparkly soon.”

Noted! Here’s the full manifesto. It is, disappointingly, not sparkly at all:

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