Here's a McDonald's Employee Knocking a Customer The Fuck Out

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Well, that’s one way to handle a shitty drunk college kid customer.

An unnamed McDonald’s customer from East Lansing, Michigan got absolutely destroyed by one punch in a video taken earlier this week. While we don’t have the names of anyone involved, given the McDonald’s location and the apparent age of the customer, we can probably safely assume he’s a student at nearby Michigan State University. Kevin Lange, the MSU student who filmed the video you’re about to watch, told MLive’s Kyle Feldscher that the guy came in angry and his behavior didn’t get better from there: the customer apparently spit on the counter, then threw a “Caution: Wet Floor” sign at the employees behind it. While it’s unclear what specifically pissed the kid off to begin with,* it’s pretty safe to say nothing justifies throwing things or spitting at fast food employees.

The customer was then told he needed to leave, and when he refused (because of course he did), he was escorted out by other employees. His response was to keep trying to come back into the McDonald’s, which appears to have been a poor decision.

Enough talk, though—we should really get to the video of the unnamed employee dropping an absolute haymaker on this guy, because I know that’s what you all came here to see:

The amazing thing to me is despite the fact that police were called to the scene and there’s video evidence, no one has been arrested as of yet. While that could (and probably will, unless the customer decides not to press charges) change, I’m not complaining about that fact. I’m not going to judge the McDonald’s employee; if we’re being honest, there were definitely times when I was working as a server that I fantasized about doing exactly this, so this video is some pretty nice wish fulfillment.

I’ll update if and when more info becomes available on this. Until we find out, though, let’s just marvel at that punch, because holy hell.

* Other than being drunk, white, and college-aged, which is an explanation for about 60% of the country’s entitled idiot behavior.

Image via bikeworldtravel/Shutterstock.

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