Here's Kanye's Not So 'Awesome' Song for Kim Kardashian


Kanye West season continues as the full version of “Awesome,” his musical ode to wife Kim Kardashian hit the web on Wednesday—and it’s just as terrible as you think it is.

West first introduced the track at the 2013 Met Ball during a live performance and then it popped up during the Keeping Up With the Kardashians wedding extravaganza episode where Kim’s friends waxed poetic about why the rapper loves the reality star. It was heart-felt?

Here’s the full link (via Paper) and here’s a taste of the lyrics, I apologize in advance:

Why did you ever listen to
People trying to hate on you
At least you know that’s nothing new
Stop everything you’re doing now
Cause baby, you’re awesome
So awesome
You look too good to be at work
You feel too good to ever hurt
I hope you ready for tonight
I’m gon cook, you’ll be dessert

Save us.

He goes on to ask her is he can “come inside” and whether she’s tired because she’s been “running through my mind,” which is a cool little throwback to the old alcoholic outside your grocery store that musters up a lil’ street harassment every once in awhile. Or maybe that’s just me? Anyway, this song sucks and while it’s unclear if it’ll end up on Kanye’s forthcoming album So Help Me God. I’m hoping that “All Day” is more representative of its vibe because it is wonderful.

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