Here's the Alternate Ending of 'The Hills' that MTV Didn't Air


But how can a reality show have an “alternate” ending unless we’re talking some string theory parallel existence Stephen Hawking shit? you might say. Sh. Just go with it. The kids from The Hills don’t know enough about quantum physics to be truly dangerous. Yet.

When MTV originally aired the series finale in 2010 — back when everything was beautiful and nothing hurt — viewers like you (because fuck if I watched it; in 2010 I was too busy watching the first season of Jersey Shore) witnessed an ending that was a wink wink to the show’s obvious fakeness. In the aired final scene, goodbyes were said, hugs were hugged, and then the cameras hung out for the part where a crew wheeled off pieces of a set. Surprise! It’s all been staged! Joke’s on you, suckers!

In this version, which the Atlantic Wire’s Richard Lawson calls “better than the original” (and as a non-viewer of this show, I defer to him), they skip the whole studio portion and sexy hatefuck Brody Jenner proceeds back to an apartment where Lauren Conrad is waiting even though she already left the show WTF has she just been hiding there!??!

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So what really fake happened in the fake real world of The Hills? I guess we’ll never know.

[Atlantic Wire]

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