Here's the Cra-Cra List of Words You and Bae are Now Banned From Using


Tired of people trying to make “fetch happen” or using “bae” in casual conversation like it’s an actual word and not something that makes adults sound like they’re desperately trying to maintain their “cool person” status? Well, Lake Superior University has published a list of words people MUST. STOP. USING. RTFN.

The list, which is published every year, features the most annoying words that people from all around the world have nominated for exile. This year, those honors went to the words polar vortex, a “hack” of any sort and the term foodie, which means absolutely fucking nothing except that some of my friends are too fucking good to enjoy a fucking dinner at fucking Applebee’s anymore.

CTV News reports that cra-cra especially was driving people cray-cray (which is the correct spelling, BTW.):

One of the two short forms on the list was “cra-cra,” which, if you didn’t already know, means crazy.
The slang term elicited a strong reaction from some commenters.
“I’ve only heard it twice and already know by the end of the year I’ll want to scream,” said Steve Kaufman of Houston, Tex.
“I’m sick of hearing myself say this, said Roxanne Werly, Traverse City, Mich.” “Must be banned,” she added.

Other words you must stop using immediately are skill set, swag and friend-raising. I haven’t even heard friend-raising before but I hate everything about it already. Which words would you ban? I would ban the entire phrase “we don’t have enough room for a cat” and also “I think one bottle of Diet Coke is enough.”

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