Here's the Trailer for the Anna Nicole Smith Lifetime Biopic


Lifetime—the network that has an inherent, unmatched understanding of modern camp—is releasing The Anna Nicole Story as its next original movie, directed by feminist filmmaker Mary Harron, and starring Agnus Bruckner as Anna Nicole Smith, Adam Goldberg as Howard K. Stern, Virginia Madsen as Virgie Arthur, and Martin Landau as J. Howard Marshall.

Even though there was already an incredibly campy B-movie biopic about Smith’s life, released just a year after her death of a drug overdose, not many people saw it and it didn’t seem to be aiming for any kind of accuracy or understanding of the late model’s troubled life.

And while it’s difficult to tell from the trailer alone if this new film will even scratch the surface of what was really going on with Smith—particularly in those final years after the reality TV cameras stopped following her, things got super dark, she was reportedly cut off from her family and friends, and coming up with a scam get someone to buy her a home in the Bahamas so she could establish residency to escape an impending paternity lawsuit—it’s still exciting. Even though Smith’s life, with all the drugs and the nude modeling and stripping, was at the very least R-rated and not really fit for TV, the events were so absurd and dramatic that there’s no way that it could’ve avoided being a Lifetime movie.

There’s no indication from the IMDb page that Smith’s assistant Kimmie or Cousin Shelly will be portrayed (giant mistake!), but there are parts for a “Gal Pal,” “Upscale Party Friend,” and “Black Dancer.” (Spoiler alert: she’s black.)

And Here’s The Trailer For Lifetime’s Anna Nicole Movie [DListed]

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