Hey, What's That on Pluto?


Hello, small human on a minuscule planet. There’s some nifty stuff going on in the infinite universe. Specifically, the New Horizons spacecraft—or, to use the technical term, “space thingy”—has completed its a nine-and-a-half year trip to Pluto and scientists are getting sexy close-up shots of our favorite dwarf planet. Like this one.

This image, taken on Monday, is the closest and crispest shot yet of Pluto’s surface. Some say it looks like a heart. It sure is be-stilling the hearts of hopeless romantics:

The latest image from NASA’s New Horizons probe reveals, in stunning detail, a prominent heart-shaped white patch splayed across the ruddy surface of Pluto like a planet-sized Valentine.

But what you see in Pluto—what you make of Pluto—really depends on your personal politics. That bright splotch could be an Ugg boot, Bart Simpson, or the wings of a soaring eagle.

Or… Pluto could just be Pluto.

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Image via NASA

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