Hi Haters: Jay Z and Beyoncé Still Love Each Other

Not only does Beyoncé have new bangs, but apparently she’s also got some brand new vows to go with them. After a summer where the “Drunk In Love” power couple maybe had marital troubles or maybe were totally fine, or maybe were stringing us all along to sell concert tickets, they have reportedly renewed their wedding vows and are mansion-hunting in Paris.

Keep in mind that this all comes by way of an anonymous source, which is codeword for either “their publicist” or “a guy who sat at the table over from them in a restaurant that one time,” who spoke to People Magazine.

Aside from the fact that Blue Ivy may one day have an adorable French accent, the real news here is that the same source “confirmed” rumors that the the couple is working on a new album together.

Perhaps that private jaunt through the Louvre was as guerrilla photo shoot for the album art? WE MORTALS CAN ONLY HOPE.

Images via Getty and iam.beyonce.com.

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