Hilary Duff Is Expecting

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  • Unsolicited Uterus Update: Lizzie McGuire is knocked up!

Hilary Duff and husband Mike Comrie are “ecstatic,” according to a source. Mazel! [Star]

  • Is $26,000 for three Vegas hookers a good deal? That’s what Charlie Sheen spent. [Radar Online
  • More baby news: When David Beckham found out that Victoria was pregnant, he could not stop crying. [Contact Music]
  • Lindsay Lohan‘s younger brother, Michael Jr., is going into acting. Quoth Dina Lohan: “Lindsay said: ‘He better not win an Academy Award before me!'” [WonderWall]
  • Lady Gaga made $64 million last year — making her the seventh highest-paid musician in the world, just one million behind Jay-Z. But in 2011? Between album merch, her Polaroid deal, sales and shows, she could earn $100 million. And someday the poor thing will be able to afford pants. [The Life Files]
  • Been wondering why Christian Bale‘s hair is so damn long? “In truth, you know what this is? This is unemployment, this is all this is,” he says. “I haven’t worked since The Fighter, and it’s nice to just not bother cutting your hair. When you’re [not] in a job that everything always has to be, you know, worked out for a character, I just sort of let it all hang out, but it’s unemployment, that’s all it is.” [Access Hollywood]
  • Sorry ladies, Justin Bieber nail polish is sold out. [Digital Spy]
  • Susan Sarandon got milk. [People]
  • Hubba hubba. Robert Pattinson describes the Breaking Dawn sex scene thusly: “It’s always awkward in a way if you’re doing it with anybody. It really depends on how it’s staged and stuff. It’s like doing Twister.” [Hollywood Crush.MTV]
  • You may have noticed that Jake Gyllenhaal was with his ex, Jenny Lewis at the Golden Globes. And it’s true! But he also flirted with Maria Menounos, Scarlett Johansson, and Mila Kunis. Later he was seen with Michelle Williams, and a spy says: “His hand was on her knee!” Scandalous. [Us Magazine]
  • Breaking: “Brokenhearted Taylor Swift Isn’t Ready to Date Again.” [Pop Eater]
  • Seen hanging after the Golden Globes: Scarlett Johansson and Sandra Bullock. [Life & Style]
  • Rumor has it that Regis Philbin didn’t tell Kelly Ripa he was retiring until 15 minutes before they went on the air. [TMZ]
  • Oh snap! But Regis had been talking to Kathie Lee about retiring recently. Reege! [Access Hollywood]
  • John Mellencamp, who is dating Meg Ryan, has officially filed for divorce from Elaine Irwin after 18 years of marriage. [Page Six]
  • Mel Gibson is facing criminal charges for hitting Oksana Grigorieva; a source says it is almost “inevitable” that he be charged with domestic violence and corporal injury. [Radar Online]
  • Sundance will have a “hip-hop invasion,” because Snoop Dogg is performing, the Roots will be there, as well as Lauryn Hill and Fiddy. Oh, and A Tribe Called Quest! [Page Six]
  • And now, Shia LaBeouf, running, shirtless, sporting beard. [Just Jared]
  • Wait, this Lone Ranger movie starring Johnny Depp as Tonto is happening for real? Jesus. [EW]
  • Ricky Gervais has written on his blog: “Can’t wait for the people who thought it was over the top to see my stand-up shows. Fuck me, they will shit themselves… [Ricky Gervais]
  • If you enjoy some random peen in the morning, you might like these pictures of Golden Globe winner Édgar Ramírez naked. Like, full-frontal naked. Enjoy? [OMG Blog]
  • Tweets former American Idol contestant Alex Lambert: “I’ve been kinda homeless! Sleepin’ on the street and behind buildings… I have places to stay. I just don’t want to be a burden on anyone!” he wrote. “I have money! And soon I will have a place to stay! I just wanted to let y’all know! I’m not some rich spoiled kid! That I’ve had to hustle and grind, and I don’t mind sleepin’ on the street, as long as I get my chance!” [NY Post]
  • “Not to use the word ‘easy’ — but it wasn’t difficult as people might think. There’s difficulty — mentally, just waking up every damn day in that mother———. But once you get over that, it’s all good.” — Lil Wayne, on being in jail. He also says he “kicked ass” at Uno and won a bunch of food. [NYDN]
  • “I was kind of surprised at how intelligent she was. You don’t know what to expect. Next thing I know I’m spending every day with her. We just hit it off… With her I was like, ‘If I do what I normally do, I’m going to lose her.’ And if I lose her, I think it’s going to hurt a lot.’ Right then and there I knew. We were together every day.” — Lamar Odom, on meeting Khloe Kardashian and getting married almost right away. He also says, of the Kardashian Klan: “They’re a really strong family and fun to be around. I’m perfect for that. I come from a big family. I’ve always been on a team. I understand. The circus is what makes it tick and keeps it going.” [Playboy interview, via OMG!]
  • “When people see us in person, they see Khloe’s not small… I’m not small [either]. People see us and are probably like, Damn, I wonder how that looks. We wouldn’t have anything to be ashamed about, but no, that’s not going down.” — Lamar Odom wants you to know there will not be a sex tape. [Playboy interview via Pop Eater]
  • “We want it to happen before Michael Cera becomes a grandfather. Let’s just put it that way.” — Jessica Walter, aka Lucille Bluth, on the Arrested Development movie. [NYDN]
  • “I knew everything about sex before I was even 7. My mom left me at home when I was 14 with a credit card and a box of condoms and the keys to the car and said, ‘Don’t get pregnant and don’t drink and drive.’ I had to be responsible for myself.” — Your girl Ke$ha. [DListed]
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