Hilary Duff Is Living in Brooklyn and Validating All My Life Choices


A profile titled “At Home in Brooklyn with the Very Famous Hilary Duff” in in the new issue of Elle is perhaps the most revealing–and the most inspirational–interview Duff has ever done, prompting at least one young blogger to feel proud of multiple life choices she’s made. Duff, you see, has made it clear that stars are truly just like us.

Pegged to her new show Younger, Elle talked with Duff about the important stuff, like how she has MOVED TO BROOKLYN to film the show.


I’d actually never been to Brooklyn before I started apartment hunting. Just having Luca [Ed. Note: Duff’s son] here, I wanted a little more space so it just made sense. It’s quieter. I live in a really cute neighborhood with just enough not to be bored but not have the craziness of having 200 people on the street that are like all over you when you’re trying to walk out of your apartment.

Duff’s move was actually foreshadowed on Instagram months ago, when she posted a picture of herself wearing a shirt with the name of her chosen borough across it. The caption read “I woke up like thissss @mr_sts love my #Brooklyn @subwaytileshirts this may be my new hood while filming in the fall.”

In the Elle profile, Duff goes on to reveal that, “It was a little scary to think about uprooting my whole life and moving to New York, but the city is definitely a key player in the show.” She’s also learned that Brooklyn has a lot of young, hot moms. True!

In slightly less noteworthy but still exciting news, Hilary Duff knows what Diva Cups are:

I also did this episode last week where my character decides to go green. She doesn’t want to use tampons anymore so she uses this thing called a Diva Cup, but, on our show, it’s called a Goddess Cup. It gets stuck and lodged and, basically, Sutton’s character, Liza, comes to the rescue. So, you know, we get a lot closer. It’s also really believable.

Whether Duff has been encouraged by this particular plot line (which sounds like something Sex and the City/Younger creator Darren Star cribbed from SATC‘s diaphragm episode) to use the Cup herself is unclear. But given how quickly she’s taken to Brooklyn, it’s only a matter of time before Hilary Duff and I are one and the same.

Hillary Duff, pictured in her natural habitat in an unnamed neighborhood in Brooklyn. Feel free to speculate which one; I’m guessing Brooklyn Heights. Image via Katie Friedman/Elle

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