Hillary Clinton Loses Body in Tragic Bloomberg Photoshopping Incident [Update]


Embattled (and undeclared) 2016 Presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton has some ‘splaining to do about why she used her own personal server to send and receive emails while serving as Obama’s Secretary of State. She’ll attempt to do that later this afternoon, in a press conference that Bloomberg Politics is advertising with a bizarrely photoshopped image of Clinton’s head onto a different body.

Why would Bloomberg choose to use this mangled photoshopped illustration of Clinton rather than one of the thousands upon thousands of real photos of Clinton available on Getty or AP? Did they want her outfit to match the logo of Bloomberg Politics? Did they just want to see what Hillary Clinton would look with a shorter haircut? Did they want her to look constipated?

Whatever is behind it, Clinton’s actions and her ensuing silence make her look bad enough—to liberals and conservatives alike—without any assistance from our old friend Photoshop.

Update: Bloomberg has apologized for the incident.

Image via Twitter

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