Hillary Clinton's Pinterest Is THE Spot For 'Granddaughter Gift Ideas'


Hillary Clinton, internet user and Democratic presidential candidate, has just added a new social media icon to her ever-growing lineup. Starting today, those who stand with Hillary can now pin with her, too. Clinton’s Pinterest page describes itself as containing “granddaughter gift ideas, hairstyle inspiration, favorite moments, and some other things.” So, if you’re into any of that, give her a follow!

Or, you know what? Don’t.

Her seven boards are varying degrees of boring:

  1. Women Who Inspire: This board contains a Dolores Huerta quote, an Eleanor Roosevelt quote, and Beyoncé lyric. Pumped yet?
  2. What We’re Fighting For: This board is both a visual representation of her platform, as well as proof that platforms are poorly communicated in Pinterest form.
  3. Memorable Moments: This board, with its old photos of Clinton’s former fashion choices, is the only one worth following. You will almost certainly find its future updates on Twitter and Facebook.
  4. H Is For…: H is for “Here you’ll find a photo of bacon, eggs, and toast arranged to look like Hillary Clinton’s logo.”
  5. From the Trail: This board was conceptually confusing, what with all that Hillary Clinton merch is scattered among photos “from the trail.”
  6. Newest (and Best) Job: Grandmother: Here you’ll find one photo of Hillary Clinton with her grandchild and four photos of Hillary Clinton not with her grandchild.
  7. Summer Style: This board thinks everyone should wear nothing but Hillary Clinton merch all summer long, including this apron that makes me feel sad:

Clinton’s Pinterest page, like many brand pages on the site, currently feels like a presence built out of perceived necessity. Someone thought it should exist, but no one really knew why. You can almost picture the two-sentence conversation that led to it:

“Wait, did we ever make that Pinterest page?”
“Hmmm. Was that Karen’s job or Tim’s? Lemme find out and report back.”

Four hours later, the world was asked to pin an old pic of Hillary’s hair and buy a new punny apron. I predict infrequent updates, zero exclusive content, and not nearly enough grandmother gift ideas.

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