Hillary Looking For Lottery Winners, Rachel For Teabaggers

  • Hillary Clinton is having a lottery to retire her campaign debt — and the prizes are a day in New York with Bill, one in D.C. with James Carville, or American Idol tickets. [Washington Post]
  • Karl Rove called Vice President Joe Biden a serial exaggerator, a liar and a blowhard. Apparently, Rove sees Mr. Biden in the mirror every morning. [Politico]
  • Rove also had a run-in at a restaurant with former Congressman Tom Feeney‘s former chief of staff. Rove said that Feeney lost his re-election because he was stupid, his staffer took exception and Rove admitted he has a file of everything Feeney ever said that disagreed with Bush. Is it just me or does Karl Rove actually seem more evil and crazy now than he used to? [Politico]
  • Alabama Congressman Spencer Bachus has a list of all the Socialists in Congress. Spencer Bachus sees Karl Rove being chased by Bolsheviks in his mirror every morning. [Huffington Post]
  • Conservative blogger Erick Erickson thinks Levi and Mercede Johnston are fucking. Some people write about politics, other people write about their masturbatory fantasies. [Huffington Post]
  • Bill O’Reilly really hates the Eminem video portraying Sarah Palin because it features neither loofahs nor falafel. [Us Weekly]
  • Barack Obama himself prefers pizza. [People]
  • And Obama wants more money to finish up those Iraq and Afghanistan wars. [Washington Post]
  • And, finally, the best and possibly only good thing about the day: watch Rachel Maddow say “teabagging” over and over again, only to be joined by Ana Marie Cox, who then says “teabagging” over and over again, and Maddow only loses it once. That’s a news professional, or Howard Stern’s sidekick, for you.

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