Hispanic Shooter of Black Teenager to Be Tried by Jury of White Ladies


Jury selection in the second degree murder trial of George Zimmerman is complete, and every single person picked to determine the fate of the maybe-racist definitely-weird Neighborhood Watchman Gone Wild is … a woman. So if Trayvon Martin’s shooter does or does not get the justice he does or does not deserve for STANDING HIS GROUND against a black teenager armed with several rounds of Skittles, you can blame Florida’s clusterfuck judicial system and the WTFsplosion of Stand Your Ground laws, or the 6 ladies of the jury for fucking it up. Your call.

The AP et al is reporting that the jury was chosen today and consists of six women, five of whom are white and one of whom is “undetermined,” which means she could be anything. What does this mean? What’s the significance?! I DON’T KNOW.

Justicewatchers, stand by for a lengthy trial involving some jaw-droppingly fucked up things said about black people, teenagers, guns, “self defense,” and recreational marijuana use. Look for emotional pandering to the all-female jury, because you know that focus groups have indicated that ladies love being touched in the feelings.

Meanwhile, I’ve already polished off the special area of my desk where I slam my head when things get too stupid.


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