How Are You Going to Wash the Taste of This Week Out of Your Mouth?


This week, for all intents and purposes, was shit. But now it’s the weekend. Let’s talk about that, instead.

Unfortunately, everything about this week sucked and nothing was good. It was creativity-suckingly bad. In the news, it was a week of victory for liars and jerks and steaming piles of human garbage. In our office, it was a week of stench. A pipe in the basement of Gawker Media HQ began leaking something that smelled that oscillated between hot vomit poop and Satan’s gaping asshole. By yesterday, staff tried to mask it with scented candles, but the best the candles could do was bring the smell up from “hot vomit poop” to “shit potpourri.” The smell matched our mood, matched the news. Everything was crappy.

When a week like this happens—one that prominently features Bad Things at every turn—after it’s all over, everybody needs a mental health break (even if right after the mental health break, you’re going to dive right back into dealing with the problems that caused all of the bad news in the first place). I’m going to blow off steam by throwing my phone off of the Manhattan Bridge and then challenging some rats to a street fight (actually: go out to dinner and then see a comedy show). What are you going to do?

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