How to Fix a Torn Nail

In Depth

We were hoping to start this series with a tutorial on how to do a basic mani-pedi at home, but then this shit happened. Here’s how to save a broken nail.

Step 1 (not pictured):
Whenever something stressful or riveting happens, mindlessly chew on your cuticles. (Swallow?) This will prepare them for the ultimate CLOSE UP.

Step 2:
Rough up your nail with a buffer or a nail file. This’ll give the glue something a little more grippy to adhere to.

Step 3:
Put a drop of nail glue under the broken part of the nail and hold the nail back in place as it dries. You’d think this would be the last step, but you’d be wrong.

Step 4:
Cut a piece of sheer silk into the same shape as your nail, ignoring the free edge which we’ll trim later. You can always use a coffee filter or tea bag or toilet paper, but we aren’t given many opportunities to be fancy these days, so strongly consider using the silk. Place a drop of glue at the base of your nail, down by the moon. Stick the silk to it and let it dry.

Step 5:
With the silk anchored in place, cover the whole nail/silk piece in glue. As it dries, pull on the silk as needed to be sure it adheres fully to the end of your nail.

Step 6:
File away the excess material.

Step 7: Buff out any super bumpy spots. If you plan to polish, begin with a coat or two of ridge-filling base coat. As the nail grows out, you can begin buffing the silk and glue off. The end.

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