How to Vote Responsibly for People’s Sexiest Man Alive 2023

Make an informed decision when casting your ballot in the most important election occurring in September 2023.


Bad Bunny

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Bad Bunny
Styles, McGraw, Future, Bad Bunny :

Music? Almost always hot and can be made hotter when a hot person is making said music. Don’t ask me how, it’s just the science of sound!

Pros: These photos of him diving. Looks like he can rescue you when you’re drowning.

Cons: He robbed Beyoncé of Album of the Year at this year’s Grammys.

Pros: Faith Hill-approved.

Cons: Seems like cowboy hat stays ON at all times...

Pros: “Great songs, beautiful songs,” is all I can say, à la Aretha Franklin.

Cons: He called Ciara a bad mom!!!

Pros: It’s high time we have a sexually fluid Sexiest Man Alive.

Cons: I fear Kris Jenner might become too powerful if one of her daughter’s beaus is named Sexiest Man Alive.

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