Hunger Games Fan Page Besieged by Cries of 'I am Lorde, Ya Ya Ya Ya'


Jezebel has been uncompromising in its support for the most important musical work of our era, South Park‘s “Push (Ya Ya Ya, I Am Lorde).” And it seems the song’s message is only spreading.

Some suggest Lorde is a 300-year-old witch queen originally of Transylvanian origin, but South Park has posited an alternative theory: she’s actually the stage persona of middle-aged cartoon geologist Randy Marsh. Whatever her true form, she just dropped a video for “Yellow Flicker Beat,” her single on the Mockingjay soundtrack, and UpRoxx points out that when it was posted to the Hunger Games Facebook page, it received the following response:

Today, we are all Lorde. Ya ya ya ya.

Photo via Getty.

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