I Believe Timothée Chalamet Gave Kylie Jenner a Hickey

I've long been skeptical of this cursed pairing, but this is the evidence I need.

I Believe Timothée Chalamet Gave Kylie Jenner a Hickey
Photo: (Getty Images)

I’ll be the first to admit that I have taken each new tidbit of information about Timothée Chalamet and Kylie Jenner’s rumored dalliance with a grain of salt. The backyard picnics, the cars pulling into driveways—I’ve watched it all with extreme skepticism. Something in my gut kept telling me they must either be just pals, or it’s a contrived PR pairing for their mutual benefit.

But new evidence has been entered into the record, and as an unelected celebrity gossip judge, my job is to consider it seriously. Earlier this week, Kylie posted a carousel of photos that included one of her carrying her son…and sporting what appears to be a fresh love bite on her neck.

Photo:Kylie Jenner Instagram

Computer, enhance!

Screenshot:Kylie Jenner Instagram

There certainly appears to me something on her neck. Fans noticed as well, commenting, “Uhm ms kylie, we see that hickey,” and, “Am I the only one who peeps the hickey .” No, you aren’t! We all see it!

Of course, we have no photo evidence that Chalamet even gave her that alleged hickey. We don’t even know if he was near the scene of the crime. But, see, I feel in my bones and all (sorry) that he is the kind of guy that gives hickeys. Maybe it’s just because he’s played a scoundrel teenager in half of his films, but few celebrities embody “hickey giver” vibes more than Timmy does. Remember those photos of him making out with Lily Rose Depp on a boat in Italy? Here is a visual reminder:

Sorry about that. But I think we’ve seen evidence of his kissing style, and it is very much “eager dude willing to smooch on any part of you.” That’s not a bad thing! I mean, justice for the hickey givers. I generally think it’s a shame that it’s a love-receipt so associated with teenagedom. Having a good hickey well into your twenties and even thirties and forties is hot. Maybe we’re approaching Hot Hickey Summer?

I’m getting off track. Kylie could have gotten that hickey from anyone. It could even just be a burn from a hair curler. But if I’m looking at all the evidence in front of me and listening to my heart, this is the first clue that’s confirmed, in my mind, the strangest romantic pairing Hollywood has birthed in a couple of years.

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