I-Dosing Is The Dumbest New Drug You've Never Heard Of


In their neverending quest to get high in stupid ways, kids today are apparently turning to I-dosing, in which sounds played over the Internet supposedly function like drugs. Cue the hysteria!

Time‘s Kayla Webley writes that “I-dosing involves listening to two-toned audio files meant to alter your brain waves in the same way that alcohol, marijuana or other drugs might.” She also links to YouTube videos of kids supposedly getting high from the files — according to this one, I-dosing also makes your eyeballs turn metallic. Scary. Predictably, The Olds are concerned:

Though the websites tout the downloads as a safe, legal way to get high, the digital drugs have parents crying “gateway.” Concerns that I-dosing could lead to experimentation with other drugs has lead to the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics issuing a warning to parents. “Kids are going to flock to these sites to see what it’s about and it can lead them other places,” one official warned.

To be fair, I-dosing website I-doser.com does offer “legal hash,” “legal bud,” and “mood pills” — the last of which looks like something a teen would buy on an after-school special right before Something Very Bad happens. But since “legal bud” seems to be basically oregano (“People have inquired if our legal buds are legal cannabis or marijuana and we have to say, no. They are real International Oddities high-grade hybrid legal buds”), I’m not sure parents have all that much to fear. And while I haven’t yet tried I-dosing (my computer and brain are both fucked up enough today), my professional opinion is I bet it doesn’t do shit. If anything, maybe its uselessness will convince kids to get off their computers and go play outside, where the real drugs are.

Image via Myth Photography/Shutterstock.com.

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I-Doser.com [Official Site]

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