I Have Some Questions about Hailey Bieber's Outfit to Meet French President Emmanuel Macron

Oui! Certainly? Absolutement! Quite the look! French!

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I Have Some Questions about Hailey Bieber's Outfit to Meet French President Emmanuel Macron

Justin Bieber and his betrothed, Hailey Rhodes Baldwin Bieber, are for some reason visiting Emmanuel Macron in Paris. The outfits, which you see above, are what they chose to wear to meet a foreign dignitary. For two very rich people with wardrobes that are likely larger than my apartment, I am compelled to ask: Why? Really? How?

Mr. Bieber’s outfit is largely fine, though he looks like the owner of a possibly-illegal nightclub somewhere seedy and vaguely humid. The suit is fine, the button-down blouse opened to expose his chest area is fine, and the shoes—the Nike Dunk Low in the UNC color-way, which is not even technically available yet until June 24—are the equivalent of a nice dress shoe, I guess. Nothing about suits and Dunks are particularly bad, but Justin Bieber wearing this suit and these Dunks is hilarious. He owns the club, he’s the DJ at the club, he handles the bottle service when the bottle gals are taking a break in the back, drinking their Cirkul water and smoking a Parliament Light. What I’m trying to say here is that this is exactly what I’d expect Justin Bieber to wear to meet President Macron. However, his wife is another story.

Hailey Bieber’s style is aspirational to everyone in that her everyday clothing is casual and athleisure-forward enough for anyone with the patience for online shopping to reasonably obtain an iteration of the look. Normally, when I see a photo of Hailey Bieber wearing bike shorts, some sort of quietly-expensive basic on top, and sneakers, or a white tank top and slightly baggy jeans, I feel a deep sense of longing for both the body I had when I was in my 20s and also, the money she has to pull off the kind of stuff she wears, because so much of it is expensive. This deconstructed skirt suit does not inspire any longing or aspiration, just a deep and all-consuming confusion from which I might never recover.

The oversized blazer/trouser portion of her closet must be full of options, seeing as she loves to pair the former with a bike short and the latter, with a scrap of fabric tied around her breasts as a top. With this in mind, whatever she’s wearing to meet a president makes sense? Business on the bottom, sure, but a party-for-one up top. I have no idea what was going through her head when she selected this ensemble, but I do have some pressing questions.

  • Is this a deconstructed skirt suit?
  • What’s the fabric situation? Wool? Crepe de chine? Tweed?
  • Is there a missing third piece to this outfit?
  • A blazer? A cardigan? A wrap?
  • Did President Macron like this? What about Bridget? It doesn’t matter, but maybe, I guess, it does?
  • Wasn’t it cold in the office?!
  • What is the boob situation with this top, and is this enough fabric to call it such?
  • How much glue is holding this top to the bod?
  • Who is responsible for this? Why!

If anyone out there has any information on why Hailey Bieber chose to wear a skirt suit with a halter top to meet the president of France, please let me know.

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