I Need the Bake Off Contestants to Back Away From the Mango


During last week’s episode of The Great British Bake Off (or, Baking Show, depending on where you’re reading this post) I made a bet with my boyfriend and viewing partner. “I bet you $20 someone uses mango in their showstopper cake,” I said. And like clockwork, one of those quiet, nervous, but always charming bakers did, because they all really, really, really love mango.

Throughout this season contestants have put mango in chutney, in shortbread, in tarts, in breads, in curds, and in ice cream cakes. Granted I feel like one out of every three desserts made on GBBO ends up being some bizarre form of fruitcake, and this season’s cast loves playing around with interesting flavor combinations (let’s never speak of the brownie challenge again, shall we?) But these dudes are obsessed with mango, no? This video proves I’m not crazy.

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