'I Will Slit Your Throat': Brianna Wu Shares Recording of Death Threat


In an op-ed for The Mary Sue, video game developer Brianna Wu wrote on Wednesday about the latest terrifying death threats she’s receiving, these from a man who’s repeatedly called her house and described, both to her and her husband, his plans to murder her. She also included a recording of him promising, “I’m going to fucking slit your throat.”

In her piece, Wu writes that the man is from Columbus, Ohio, and has called her house dozens of times, adding, “The prosecuting attorney in that district is Ron O’Brien. If he wished, he could bring criminal charges against this man by the end of the day.

Here’s a transcript of the audio from the recording. The man speaks in a low voice, and while not all of it is audible, the intent is pretty clear:

I’m coming to your fucking house right now. I will split your throat, you stupid little fucking whore. I’m coming, you better be fucking ready for me. You laugh, you lose [inaudible]. You’re fucking retarded.

Wu writes, plaintively, “Does someone have to die before law enforcement does their job?” She adds:

The man in the tape above has called my house repeatedly. When my husband picked up the phone he whispered in dark tones to him about his plans to murder me. Just as terrifying as the threat itself is the feeling of helplessness I have any time I contact law enforcement.
Ohio prosecuting attorney Ron O’Brien can be the man to step up and take a stand against Gamergate on behalf of women everywhere. Ron O’Brien, this case could not be more clear. The evidence on tape speaks for itself, and you have it in your power to subpoena his name from phone records.

Wu was previously terrorized for months by a man calling himself Jace Connors. He turned out to be a young “comedian” named Jan Rankowski, who claimed that his violent, bizarre YouTube videos about coming to “get” Wu were just funny jokes. At one point, Wu was told by an anonymous source that “Connors” lived nearby; she told Jezebel then that she believed that false information, too, was deliberately passed to her as part of Gamergate fans’ ongoing quest to make her fear for her life.

“I can’t stress this enough,” she told Jezebel at the time. ‘The wider point here is the gamification of the harassment of women.”

That remains true, and so does law enforcement’s response: deafening silence.

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