I'd Love to Know What This Emma Stone and Jonah Hill Series Is Really About


Superbad super fans, rejoice—Jonah Hill and Emma Stone will return to the same cinematic universe this September in a Netflix black comedy called Maniac. But what is it?

According to the press release, the show is about a promising but sketchy drug trial that takes place in the semi-near future, but details beyond that have been sparse. Hill and Stone play wayward characters who struggle with mental illness and heartbreak and are hoping said drug trial will be the cure for what ails them. But what will actually happen in this limited series? In the one-minute teaser trailer, Hill and Stone wear matching grey jumpsuits and sit at what looks like an IKEA table, staring at each other while a voice overhead starts talking about the “structure of the mind” and “change.” Their shoes remind me entirely too much of Everlane’s “glove” shoes. Overall, I’d like more details.

Watch the teaser above and please tell me what you think will happen. The images released in April didn’t help much.

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