I'd Never Go To Burning Man, But I'd Probably See This Burning Man Musical


The risk of bug bites, death, and Julia Allison weddings is far too high for me to feel remotely comfortable spending a week on the playa as a Burning Man attendee. I am, however, more than happy to make fun of the whole thing from afar. Fortunately, so are plenty of other people, and some of them write musicals.

Burning Man: The Musical is “about Silicon Valley & Burning Man,” and its creators have released a video of its five-minute opening song as a way of earning some of the hard-earned money you won’t be spending on supplies for your trip to Black Rock City, NV. The video is oddly well-produced (to the point that it sort of makes me wonder why they need money in the first place), and tells the story of a lowly Silicon Valley software developer who must finish a new app in time to attend Burning Man. Or something. I’m not entirely sure what’s going on, but he prays to Steve Jobs and dresses like Mad Max’s cousin who lives in WeHo.

You can donate to Burning Man: The Musical’s Indiegogo here. Or you can just watch the video and be thankful you’re not the subject.

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