If Ryan Gosling Is a ‘Disney Adult,’ Then So Am I

"I go there by myself," Gosling once said of Disneyland, per John Stamos' recollection. "I wear headphones. I go on rides. I have a mixtape." OK, I am inspired.

If Ryan Gosling Is a ‘Disney Adult,’ Then So Am I
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On Keke Palmer’s podcast this week, John Stamos opted for an admirable level of vulnerability, disclosing that he likes to frequent Disneyland as an adult by himself—and that it was Ryan Gosling who helped him make this leap. Stamos, who told Palmer he once thought he had to “distance myself” from his love for the amusement park in order to be taken seriously in the entertainment industry, says his life-changing conversation with Gosling on an undisclosed date went something like this:

Gosling: “You’re a Disney fan, aren’t you?”
Stamos: “Yeah.”
Gosling: “I’m obsessed. I’m a Disney adult. I go there by myself. I wear headphones. I go on rides. I have a mixtape.’”
Stamos: “Yeah, me too. I’m a Disney guy too.’

This exchange, Stamos claimed, “kind of turned the corner for me.” That was when the Full House alum realized he, too, could embrace Disney adulthood without shame.

Gosling, you’ll note, has been very public about his love for Disneyland since starring in The Mickey Mouse Club back in the 90s, so the disclosure from Stamos doesn’t come as much of a surprise. Still, one might reasonably be worried for these two men! Publicly professing to being a Disney adult is a very brave thing to do these days, seeing as this particular demographic has earned a reputation for being the most annoying adults you know (especially the Florida ones—yikes!). But I’m here, now, to defend these two gentlemen, and particularly Gosling, who—by his own description of his approach to the Disneyland experience, per Stamos—clearly knows how to do it right. It’s certainly some big Kenergy on his end.

By my own admission, I am something of a “Disney adult” myself, to the extent that I enjoy Marvel movies and their fanciful, useless explosions and big strong men choking each other. And at Disneyland, I enjoy the churros, roller coasters, bumper cars, and general enormous amusement park vibes just as much. It’s a good time, and I am—finally!—feeling brave enough to admit this.

I’ve been to the theme park twice in the last year or so, both times with a good friend, and while I had a lovely experience on both occasions, there were certainly moments where it occurred to me that I might enjoy going it alone, listening to music during sprawling walks across the theme park and its sister, California Adventure, instead of forcing conversation that inevitably runs dry at some point. Reading a book in line while waiting to get on a ride without making my friends feel ignored. Choosing every ride and every fast-pass selection without considering the preferences of another. Being selfish with my time, considering I paid all that money just to be there!

Of course, I personally don’t have the disposable income to make going to Disneyland such a casual affair. But, truly, good for Gosling—and Stamos—for treating themselves to something they love without shame, as all adults should from time to time.

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