If The Shoe Fits, Wear It; If It Doesn't, Get Surgery


A woman named Audy just had foot surgery. A doctor dislocated Audy’s toe, sawed out 2-millimeter chunk of bone, then inserted a titanium rod to bring the shortened bone back together. Why? So Audy can wear cute high heels.

Nightline, in a story which asks “Are Toes The New Noses?” claims that toe shortening and foot pad injections are part of a new “plastic surgery craze.”

Foot pad injections involve “liposuctioning fat from a patient’s belly and injecting it into the balls of the feet.”

And then there is the ever popular pinky toe tuck, in which fat is taken out of the little toe to make it narrower.

Two things: First, it is always so strange how we look back on things like corsets and foot binding as these extreme, scary ways women let fashion and tradition dictate and change their bodies. When obviously it is in no way a thing of the past. Just ask Heidi Montag. Second: Come on, Nightline! Does one Beverly Hills podiatrist really signal a “craze’?

In any case, the toe-breaking sounds horrifying, but the fat-injection actually sounds like a good idea, especially if you’re one to pound to pavement. A lady named Kelly had fat relocated from her midriff to her foot.

After the procedure, Kelly told ABC News that the podiatric makeover was a “piece of cake. I can feel the pillows in my feet. It’s like puffy pillows.”

Plastic Surgery: Are Toes The New Nose? [ABC News]

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