Iggy Azalea Is Acting Like She Didn't Want a Grammy… Psshhh


Iggy Azalea did not win a Grammy as expected, rendering moot the irate Tumblr screed I wrote ahead of time like the Times prepares obits in advance, just in case. Iggy Azalea is now trying to convince us that she didn’t even want the stupid Grammy, because “people already hate me enough.” Well, true, but… we don’t believe you, you need more people.

Azalea went on Power 106 in Los Angeles Wednesday and worked to convince us thusly:

I never thought I’d be nominated ever… I did not want to win the award… My speech would’ve been like, ‘F—k this I don’t want it! Take it! Get away from me.

But also, she would like us to know that she “was nominated for four.” Yes, we know.

One of the DJs, J Cruz, said, “When it came to the ‘Best Rap Album’ it seemed that people were highly upset about that for whatever reason,” playing like he does not know what those reasons are. But it’s an open-ended thought that Azalea is happy to complete:

I know, which I found to be kind of ironic because I’m white, so therefore I’m appropriating culture, but then Eminem won it, who’s white and who’s won it many times, and they didn’t seem to say anything about that. So I was like, hmm. I suspect it’s just that you dislike me.

Oh, Iggy. This statement contains multitudes. First off, Eminem sure has been accused of appropriation for a long time, though some argue he’s coherently grappled with that and learned, which is something Azalea doesn’t appear to have done, because A. she still doesn’t seem to understand the definition of appropriation and B. she is still responding to such accusations with the curiosity and fortitude of a rock. Also, Eminem proved his bona fides within the rap community (even Em had to have a mentor/cosigner, Dre to Iggy’s T.I.) and, most importantly of all: Eminem is a great fucking rapper, something no one can honestly say about Iggy if they have have ever heard virtually any other English-language rap music in their lives.

Moving along! Cruz also brings up that “females in hip-hop don’t get a lot of respect, you know?” Which is absolutely, provably true. However, it is also true that women of color possessing far greater talents than Azalea have been snubbed for more ambitious songs than “Fancy.”

She didn’t really address that part (maybe because most other women in hip-hop are not feeling Azalea), but did go on to give props to YG and DJ Mustard, neither of whom were nominated. “I don’t really wanna say anything bad about the Grammys but I feel like hip-h0p was overlooked and I am disappointed about that because it’s so impactful in our global culture, and everything we do was influenced by it one way or another,” said Azalea, both correct and making a statement that is fully ironic. “To have it be swept under the rug this year, I was a bit disappointed we didn’t really have that represented in [the best producer category], especially with Mustard, because every song sounded like a Mustard beat!” Which is also true.


“I’m really happy that I was thought of and I appreciate just that, and I’m glad I didn’t win because people already hate me enough… I do not need to be hated anymore…. Even when I lost, I was like, goddamn, I lost, you should be happy, leave me alone, bye.

After saying nothing bothers her and she’s over her haters, she cites liberally their theories about her. As the old adage says, if you truly don’t care about something, you probably don’t talk about it! But that’s none of my business.

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