I'm Obsessed With This Peloton Instructor's Cardigan Collection

I'm Obsessed With This Peloton Instructor's Cardigan Collection

Since there’s nowhere to go and no one to see, I’ve been rotating between three different hoodies whenever I have to get dressed. There’s the black one that I wear during working hours, a green college hoodie for non-working hours, and another black hoodie reserved for the times I must leave my home to walk my dog. If I were a fashionable person, I’d call it a capsule wardrobe but it’s really just that hoodies and sweaters are the only clothing options bringing me comfort right now. But I didn’t realize how serious my newfound love for oversized sweaters was until I found myself doing a deep dive through Peloton instructor Robin Arzon’s Instagram account to ogle her cardigan collection, which appears to be limitless. In my estimation, she has only repeated a single cardigan in one Instagram post across her entire Insta page; I now firmly believe that she is the Carrie Bradshaw of knitwear.

One of Arzon’s best cardigans, and the one she repeated, is a grey and black number with some triangles strewn about for fun. This cardigan is quintessential coziness and I am obsessed with it. Note the thick collar, perfect for pulling up over your face to muffle the sound of your daily stress-relief screams. Then there’s the dropped shoulder-seam, giving all that extra room for slumping in front of the TV while watching the latest Cuomo briefing.

For a happier vibe, there’s this rainbow cardigan, which seems like it might be the easiest one to DIY. This is outside of my usual color wheelhouse, which is predominantly different shades of black, but since no other human being will ever see me again, now seems like a perfect time to test out some new hues. What’s great about this cardigan, in particular, is that it is so loosely constructed in the collar area that it looks like it could double as a blanket, but at the same time, the stockinette stitch is so tight the overall look is polished without trying too hard. According to the comments, it’s from Alice + Olivia.

Arzon even has a cardigan that blends together the geometric design of her grey one with a more muted color palette, for those in-between days. This cardigan probably costs a few hundred but also has that casual distressed look of something you might find in a really good thrift shop. I just want to roll around in the section of her closet that is dedicated to such an incomparable sweater game. She’s also got a very cute fuzzy white turtleneck that’s been making me rethink the value of turtle necks altogether.

What I appreciate about Arzon’s transformation from gym rat to coziness czar is that most of her cardigans have the same draping, relaxed collars, and a stockinette stitch. It’s the kind of consistency I need to see during these times, which I’ve been told are uncertain.

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