'Impure Thoughts' Got This Girl Kicked Off Her Christian Football Team


Just to clarify, not her impure thoughts — her male teammates’ thoughts — and not even any impure thoughts that have been articulated, and what the hell IS an impure thought, anyway? Nuzzling at the 7th grade dance and making home in time to watch Vampire Diaries?

12-year-old Madison Baxter has been playing football since the second grade. She was the starting left defensive tackle on the football team at Strong Rock Christian Academy in Georgia until she was informed by school administrator Patrick Stuart (not to be confused with Sir Patrick Stewart), that she would not be able to try out for the 7th grade team.

The reasons for this were left unclear to Maddie, but when she repeated the incident to her mom Blythe — a former cop who’d struggled with a male-dominated field herself — she took a meeting with Stuart herself. He kindly informed her that it was because of her daughter’s dirtypillows.

“He said the boys are coming of age and starting to have impure thoughts and might lust after her [and] he said the locker room talk isn’t appropriate for her.
He said, ‘The best I can up with is that men and women are created equal but different.’ And he said he’s been praying about it and came to the conclusion that he was making the right decision for the school.”

This despite the fact that Baxter has always had a separate locker room than her male teammates.

Says Maddie, who is now considering switching schools: “Really, it just really, really hurts, because knowing all that fun is gonna be taken away just because I’m a girl.” Maddie and Blythe’s Facebook protest group has reached just over 10,000 members so far.

‘Impure thoughts’ shatter 12-year-old girl’s dream’ [WND]

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