In Praise of Dangerous Ideas

In Praise of Dangerous Ideas
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The pillars upon which Western liberal democracy has been built—reason, the free exchange of ideas, commitment to truth-telling—grow more unstable by the day. Hacked apart by a ravenous mob of woke warriors, even the politicians, intellectuals, and writers traditionally tasked with their defense and maintenance either stand idly by or join in the revelry and plunder. Those few brave souls who stand up for their values, brandishing nothing more than their own integrity, are trampled beneath the frenzied crowd.

We live in an age of cowards. This moment cries out for heroes yet fewer and fewer heed the call. Assured they will be safe so long as they fall in line; silenced and beset by danger.

What befalls a society that stands idly by as heretics are renounced and craven strivers are given dominion over the righteous? What do children learn as their elders cower and tremble before demands to proclaim the sky is not blue? Ruination and despair is all our children and our children’s children will inherit, the only legacy left by those who will risk nothing to oppose madness.

No longer will I hide among them! Not one moment more will I let the forces of tyranny keep me pliant and afraid. Though they are burning witches I will risk the pyre as the time for caution is over.

Today I stand before you, firm in my convictions: Yogurt does not expire. I mean, the whole point is that it’s a little expired already, right? So come on, what’s going to happen? It will get more yogurty?

Only God and my own gut can judge me now.

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