'In That Fear You Find Your Courage': Organizing for Immigrant Rights and Redefining 'Sanctuary' in New York City


The Trump administration’s socalled “zero tolerance” immigration policy has led to a sharp increase in immigrant arrests at the border and a truly staggering level of human suffering. But the threat posed to immigrants by this administration is not limited to the border: in New York City, despite its status as a “sanctuary city,” Immigration and Customs Enforcement have broad powers to arrest and detain immigrants. But the New Sanctuary Coalition is pushing back against the policies of mass deportation and fighting alongside the immigrant community.

Activist Sara Gozalo, the New Sanctuary Coalition’s senior coordinator spoke with Jezebel about how this grassroots organization, comprised of an interfaith network, is empowering immigrants during this dark era under the Trump administration. “Now we know what’s happening. So are we going to fight and change it?”

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