Infertile Brits Clamor To Purchase Sweet, Sweet American Eggs


Of the ovaries, that is. Uterine gold. Fecundi-tea.

Infertile British couples have a long, hard road ahead of them if they ever hope to conceive, sometimes spending up to 18 months on a waiting list just to be implanted with a course of donor eggs. Lucky for those with the resources to expend, relief awaits across the pond.

A clinic called Care Fertility is offering couples the opportunity to essentially jump the line for British donor eggs by importing them from the US. The service isn’t cheap- it runs about three times the cost of a normal egg implantation- and it is run by something called the World Egg Bank, which sounds like something that a Bond supervillian might run. Additionally, babies born from American eggs tend to be sassier and more into country music, barbecue, and dirt biking than their British ovum brethren.

Joking aside, if it works as planned, egg importation could prove a godsend for couples waiting to conceive and a cash cow for those profiting from that desire.

Childless British Couples Turn To Eggs Imported From America Amid Donor Shortage [Daily Mail]

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