Insert Tobias Fünke Into Your Most Precious Memories


Arrested Development released a Tobias Fünke sizzle reel, and it is the most. You can stuff him into your most treasured spaces (I thought it was a pool toy!), or you can make his dreams come true by turning him into a YouTube sensation, as we’ve done above. It’s a triple rainbow all the way!

I’m telling you — inserting Tobias into all the videos has become my new (volunteer, thankless, not real) job. I implore you to join me in my quest to Tobias-ify the entire Internet. Let’s all meet back here same time tomorrow and give reports on our progress. Until then, I’m off to put “cowpoke” into all of YouTube’s sloth videos (see below), and then I’ll have him somersault across a Blue Man Group show. Break!

Many thanks to Yev Shrayber and Jonas Madden-Connor for their mad video skillz!

[Insert Me Anywhere]

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