Internet Assholes Troll Bay Area Poet By Putting Up Her Video, Titling It ‘Big Girl Does Poem On Dick!'


Dear Vast Majority of Commenters on This Video at and everyone else like you,

Thank you. Thank you for reminding us that every single time we have the faintest notion that the Internet can, on occasion, be a nice place—where people come together and cut off the crusts for each other on This, The Sandwich of Life—that we’re just being naïve doofuses. Thanks so much for trolling Bay Area resident Denise Jolly, an activist and spoken-word poet, by posting a video of her poem with the title “Big Girl Does Poem On Dick!” (exclamation point: yours).

And thank you so much for not taking the video down even after Jolly and her community’s repeated requests. Thanks for garnering Jolly’s poem viral status, specifically two thousand Facebook likes, from what I bet is the precise opposite of the audience that she wanted to reach, such as these delightful specimens of the human race:

lobsterlol: There is nothing good about being fat. Stop being delusional.
Carlos Jenniro Paige Jr.: LOL this fat bitch don’t get dick. Why she lying.
Horacio C. F. H.: shut the fuck up feminazi

And hey, thanks for teaching me about jokes! For instance, it’s funny when someone’s a “big girl,” and it’s hee-larious when a “big girl” talks about “liking dick,” and it’s ALL of the LOLs when the woman takes it sooo seriously, and she’s all courteously like, “Please stop,” and even responds to the most dumbass comments (“I am someone who strives for equality between all gender representations. There is no criticism of my work on this site simply opinions about my body and sexuality. I welcome conversations about what the poem is doing and why”), which, though a rather noble pursuit, is probably something she shouldn’t waste her time doing.

Thanks for making Jolly write this longer statement in response to the situation:

This my poem and that is me you are talking about. 25 pages of comments mostly consisting of hate about the size of my body or what any of you think you can or cannot do with it. Sex, feminism, sexuality, and challenging a masculine paradigm are all powerful things.
Thank you to those who did not free range hateful misogynistic language all over my poem. Those who did take a minute and ask your mother, sister, daughter what is to walk through this world as female. Ask them if they feel safe walking down the street day or night. Ask them “when was the first time a man assumed he had right to your body”? Know the answer will come with a date or time or moment that lives in their bodies forever because we have all had those moments.
I tirelessly work in communities to empower youth voice and challenge systemic racism, sexism, agism, and classism. While all you choose to do is take the time to smear hate and disdain all over this site. Choose to be more revolutionary than that. Don’t you know this is exactly what the powers that be want to have happen. They want us all to hate each other so much that we do not see they are killing us, race to race, class to class, gender to gender.

In conclusion, fuck you very much.


Anna Breslaw & Jezebel

‘WORDFURY: Support Urgently Needed’ [Wonderdave/Tumblr]

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