Internet Weddings Will Probably Be Bad for Rom-Coms, Personal Hygiene


Now that more people are using the Internet than have ever used the Internet before, a new study has revealed that brides-to-be, who are also people with all the agency and horror that personhood entails, are more likely to use the Internet to quickly disseminate news of their successful nuptials. Are you stunned? Mildly interested? Numb to all human emotions because the Internet has wrapped its squid tentacles around your brainstem?

In a very scientific survey from David’s Bridal called “What’s On Brides’ Minds,” brides willfully provided information about how thoroughly the Internet has invaded their wedding ceremony. Unsurprisingly, Facebook has become the wedding planner of choice for 59 percent of participants, while Pinterest has come to consume the lives of just about 46 percent. There exists a growing majority (61 percent) of brides who take lots of Instagram photos of their gown fittings, while an even larger faction (68 percent) forbids bridesmaids from sharing those secret photos.

It’s a tangled web of wedding tyranny, this social media, but the survey didn’t reveal anything we didn’t already know, i.e. that people like to overshare about their weddings, and that the Internet’s vast connective tissue has only facilitated that oversharing. The survey did, however, reveal that more people are warming to the idea of Skyping their wedding — 49 percent of participants said they’d consider it, which means that we may soon be approaching an age when we no longer have/get to travel to a friend’s wedding and take advantage of the open bar while trying to convince strangers that we’re a famous architect. Romantic comedies will undoubtedly suffer if Skype weddings become the norm.

49% of Brides Would Skype Their Wedding [Mashable]

Image via Dani Simmonds/ Shutterstock.

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