IPhone App, IPhone App Make Me A Match


You do pretty much everything on your iPhone (or any phone these days, really).

You download video, music, photos. You email, you text, you check in and out of restaurants and bars. Most of what you do, say, and see is contained all in one place.

Well, leave it to Apple to see an opportunity to match your minutiae with the minutiae of someone you may also want to make out with:

Apple has realized just how much information about your personality is contained within your iPhone – from shared photos to downloaded songs – and that this data could be used to pair people up:
Apple imagines that this data could be automatically scanned, or curated by a user intending to portray a particular public image, and then used as a wireless “beacon” to generate an ad-hoc social network of similar-minded folk.

While this could be kind of neat –being able to have your phone let you know that the girl across the street also loves Le Tigre, there are always security issues. You’re releasing personal information -–including your location— to strangers on the street who can pretty much type in anything they like in order to locate and attract a certain type of person.

But security issues aside, would you use this app?

Apple tries to patent matchmaking app

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