Is a Stormy Daniels’ Disco Album in Our Future?

Record producer Joel Diamond wants to make Stormy Daniels a disco maven.

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Is a Stormy Daniels’ Disco Album in Our Future?

I imagine a lifetime working in adult entertainment has led Stormy Daniels to field a lot of strange and specific requests from men. The latest request is coming from Grammy-nominated music producer Joel Diamond, who has visions of Daniels’ future music career. According to Page Six, Diamond wants to sign Daniels…but only under one condition. She has to record the 1976 disco hit “More, More, More” originally recorded by Andrea True. When things get this specific, I’m privy to suspect kink is involved.

“After watching her on talk shows, I know she is so much brighter and a lot smarter than people give her credit for and now she will have a hit record to promote and really show her goods,” Diamond, who’s worked with David Hasselhoff, Gloria Gaynor, and Ike Turner, told Page Six. “I know, given the chance, I would make Stormy’s recording career far outlive her notoriety with Donald Trump… and add one more layer of credibility to her.”

Personally, I think Daniels is doing just fine without venturing into the world of kitsch nostalgia covers. But if it’s up her alley, I hope she takes Diamond up on the offer. Her hush-money trial with Trump is slated to begin April 15th, where the former president (and current presidential candidate…kill me) has pleaded not guilty to 34 counts of falsified records covering up a $130,000 payment to Daniels to keep quiet about their alleged affair. 

The bigger hesitation I have with Daniels taking Diamond up on this offer is that the perfect cover of it already exists: the Sex and the City foursome lip-synching to the song to promote the show’s finale in 2004. Best not to mess with perfection…

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