Is Farrah Abraham Living in a Model Home for MTV's Teen Mom Special?


In Being Farrah—a one-hour Teen Mom update special about Farrah Abraham—the reality star was shown living very well in a large, impeccably-decorated McMansion in Austin, Texas. However, she forgot that she left the framed promotional poster for Scott Felder Homes hanging in her bedroom. A closer look reveals that she was probably using a staged model home to film the MTV special.

On Sunday night, the network aired four one-hour specials devoted to checking in with the cast of the original Teen Mom to find out what they’ve been up to since show ended two years ago. The shows all had the same format, in which the girls were filmed talking about their current situations to their friends or family on camera. But Farrah apparently didn’t have any friends—or at least any willing to film with her—so a producer on the show broke the fourth wall and came out from behind the camera to be an ear for Farrah. (Another scene was shot in her aesthetician’s office while the 22-year-old confided in the woman who was injecting her face with filler. Something Farrah does regularly as “preventative maintenance.”)

The issues of her “sex tape” and her new business venture of “novelty toys” (as though they’re whoopee cushions instead of molds of her vagina and anus) were addressed, but written off as “mistakes” in her past that allow provide a nice home and nice car and nice things for her daughter. There’s even a guest house out back where her dad lives.

But is that really so? According to her “chat” with the producer, she had only moved into the home a week before filming. Her dad mentioned the move on his Facebook account the first week in December, and also confirmed that they were about to start filming a new show. (He didn’t mention that he had moved in as well. And the property of the home didn’t look large enough for a second home.)

The house just seemed too perfect, too put together, too finished to be the brand new home of a busy, working single mom. There wasn’t a box in sight. Every throw pillow, every rug, every vase, every ornamental plant was in its place. It looked staged.

So it wasn’t much of a surprise to see the framed brochure for Scott Felder Homes hanging behind the producer’s head in what was supposed to be Farrah’s bedroom.

The house that appeared in Being Farrah was very much like the Woodrose model of the Rough Hollow development.

Here is the office/study of the model home:

And here is Farrah working in her office/study, with all of the same furniture and the same mural on the wall:

Here is the dining room of the model home:

Farrah’s home has the same window treatments and dining room furniture set:

The kitchen from the model home:

Farrah’s kitchen even has the same large plant on the left and the same stools:

The model home’s sitting room:

Farrah got rid of the nautical stuff but kept the curtains and the barstools.

As of September, Farrah was leasing a modest two-bedroom apartment on the same block as her father, and had reportedly been living there since April.

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