Is Snooki A Cheater If She Can't Remember Sleeping With Vinny?


When we last left our traveling Shore nomads, Snooki had just had the worst day of her life. See, her relationship fell apart after she exposed her genitalia in a nightclub. Snooki found comfort between Vinny’s sheets, a fact which she “blacked out” in this week’s episode. Everyone — including Pauly D and Deena, who were in the room at the time — realized that the two slept together, except for Snooki. So when The Situation decides to spread a rumor that he called his friend, “The Unit” (is that a reference to his penis?) and told all about Snooki’s cheating ways, things got a little crazy. Okay, a lot crazy: Snooki physically attacked The Sitch, screamed, and threw wine bottles across the room. Very lady-like behavior! After The Situation revealed the trick he played and everyone decided he’s an asshole, Snooki had to figure out if she really slept with Vinny or not. When the guys returned from a trip to Sicily, Snooks cornered Vinny to talk.

The conversation went a little something like this:
Vinny: “You just kept saying ‘Fuck Me.’ You were like, ‘Fuck me, I’m horny.”
Snooki: “I thought we were just, like, cuddling.”
Vinny: “…My dick was cuddling with your vagina.”
Snooki: “I have to tell him.”

And so ends another chapter of Jersey Shore: Italia! Will Snooki manage to salvage her relationship with Jionni? According to her Twitter, they remain together, so she must have some kind of trick up her sleeve. Maybe that’s why The Situation and Vinny left the show early?

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