Is This Ad The Worst Breast Cancer Awareness Spot Ever?


You guys, we’re almost all the way done with Breast Cancer Awareness month and the ridiculousness with which a deadly, tragic disease is touted as a fluffy pink girl power affliction best fought by Ben Roethlisberger in a pink jersey. But before this 2012 Breast Cancer Trivialization season becomes one for the record books, let’s take a look at what may be the stupidest breast cancer awareness ad of all time. It’s got everything: boobies, bouncing boobies, sexy boobies, and a message JUST FOR MEN about how breast cancer will take boobies away from them. But here’s what it doesn’t have: faces of any of the women to whom the boobies are attached.

The ad, which was produced by a Chilean agency, ends on the phrase “Si tanto nos gustan, deberiamos cuidarlas. Incentiva a mujer a hacerse un examen de mamas,” which in English means “If we like them so much, we should take care of them. Make a woman get a breast exam.”

Make a woman get a breast exam. God, I feel so empowered.


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