Is This Man Too Rich and Handsome To Have Murdered His Father? (No.)


Let the games begin! Now that hot felon Jeremy Meeks is old news, the public is dying for a “too sexy to have done it” murderer to steal their hearts and Thomas Gilbert Jr., a 30-year-old man who allegedly killed his father over a cut in his allowance, is this year’s sexy criminal to beat. Murderous and frugal? Be still my heart. (Very likely to happen because this guy is a murderer, after all.)

The New York Post is reporting that Thomas Gilbert Jr. allegedly murdered his father over a “$200 cut in his allowance” but that the real impetus for the killing had been months in the making, with Gilbert Jr. believing that his parents, who had paid for everything (including, the Post writes, his surfer-dude lifestyle) owed him so, so much more.

Keep in mind that Gilbert Jr. is 30 years old and should, by all rights, be living his own life, but that idea was likely too much for the man to bear considering that his father, who paid him “$2,000 a month for living expenses and $600 for spending money” was taking that spending money allowance down to $400 every four weeks. That’s only $100 a week to do with as he pleased. If Gilbert Jr. couldn’t make it on that kind of cash, no one making him live like a pauper was going to remain alive.

The murder occurred on Sunday and Gilbert Jr.’s mother says she was happy to see her son—who had been estranged for several months—show up and want to speak to his father. She was even happier when he sent her away to fix him a sandwich so he could talk with his dad, hoping that this would mean an end to the feud the two were having (well, feud is a strong word. Gilbert Jr.’s dad wanted him to be more self-sufficient and Gilbert Jr. was not having it). Unfortunately, the feud ended with Gilbert Jr.’s father dead from a gunshot wound and his mother on the phone to the police.

The murder is allegedly not Gilbert Jr.’s first crime. He’s been the main suspect in a case of arson against the home of an acquaintance and has been accused of murdering a friend’s dog. But those who knew him—even those like ex-girlfriend Anna Rothschild who agrees that he was troubled and a “loner”—are shocked that someone so well-educated and attractive would do something like this. “How could a guy be that gorgeous, that wealthy, that fit, and kill his dad? This is the last thing in a million years that I thought he could do.”

According to the Post, Gilbert Jr. returned home and relaxed in front of the TV before his arrest.

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