Is This What I'm Supposed to Wear On a Private Plane?

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Image: BACKGRID (Getty Images)

Kylie Jenner has access to a private plane, because that is the natural order of things when you are a rich entrepreneur with a makeup brand that everyone most definitely loves and buys and uses. Sometimes she rides this plane, with friends, or her child, or her family. It has taken her to exotic locations across the globe, but most recently, it ferried the anthropomorphic Instagram account and daughter Stormi to Lake Tahoe for a family vacation, according to Backgrid.

I’ve never been, so I’m looking at these pictures like: “Is this what I need to wear on a private plane?”

In photos from the trip, Jenner wore Nikes, and then all white sweats and a voluminous, Norma Kamali-looking coat, also white, with matching white sunglasses. (Maybe Acne?) Stormi was also in white, which is fine. She’s a kid, she can wear whatever she wants. Still! If this family is dead-set on the narrative that Kanye West does not run a weird culty ranch in Wyoming, they should probably not hew so close to the signifiers of cultishness in their everyday attire.

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