​It Ain't Fiction, Just a Natural Fact: Opposites Don't Attract


Tell MC Skat Cat to keep his filthy paws to himself, because it turns out that opposites want to stay as far away from each other as possible.

According to a new study of eHarmony’s Compatability Matching System, long-term relationships have a better chance of succeeding when you match up with someone similar to you. It’s not that opposites necessarily hate each other — in fact, there might be strong attraction at first — please see above video for a take on the lust phase of a relationship — but those differences will be the death of you in the long run.

That said, I think I probably have a lot in common with MC Skat Cat so let’s just be thankful he’s stuck in a cartoon form in a video in the 80s. HE CAN’T DESTROY ME EMOTIONALLY FROM THERE.

Of course, a new study will be out tomorrow confirming that opposites do attract — so if you’re a dentist dating a candy bar and it’s working for you, just go with it.

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