Italian Judge Still Thinks Knox & Sollecito Could Be Guilty


Today Italian TV audiences heard the first interview with one of the jurors from Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito’s appeal. Judge Claudio Pratillo Hellmann said that while he still believes Knox and Sollecito may know the “real truth” about how Meredith Kercher was murdered, there wasn’t enough evidence to prove they were involved in the crime (though, that didn’t prevent them from being imprisoned for four years).

Pratillo Hellman was part of the group that decided to free Knox and Sollecito because in Italy the jury consists of the presiding judge, another judge, and six civilians. According to the Associated Press, he said that while it’s possible that the two participated in Kercher’s murder, the jury based their decision on “the truth that was created in the trial.” He added, “But the real truth could be different. They could also be responsible, but the proof isn’t there.” As for who does know what happened to Kercher, the judge pointed to the third man who was convicted of her murder, Rudy Guede. Though there was plenty of evidence linking Guede to the crime and he even admitted to being in the house when she died, he was often overlooked by the media in favor of tales of satanic orgies. Pratillo Hellman said that while, “Certainly Rudy Guede” knows, he “won’t say he’s the only one to know.”

The judge wasn’t unsympathetic to Knox and Sollecito. He said, “I felt emotion because they are two young people who suffered, justly or unjustly, I repeat, we can never say with certainty.” He added that the Kercher family has “all my human compassion … but we cannot assign responsibility with such a high penalty solely to ease the suffering of these parents.”

At first it seemed Kercher’s family was hoping for another appeal of this week’s ruling, but at a press conference yesterday, they said they respect the court’s decision. However, since the court that convicted Guede said he had an accomplice, they’re now left wondering if someone else got away with the crime.

Italian Judge: Knox Might Know ‘Truth’ In Case [AP]
Meredith Kercher Family Press Conference [The Guardian]

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