It's War


In this episode, we watched Sookie and Eric get high and have trippy wasted sex after drinking each other’s blood. A post-coital conversation—while still probably a little bit high—led to their agreement that they would help Bill and the rest of the vampires fight the witches. Bill, however, was more interested in finding a peaceful solution. Like the Jets and the Sharks (only somehow cheesier, despite the lack of dancing) the witches and vamps met up for a truce, which quickly turned into a battle after Eric, still hopped up on fairy blood, ripped a witch’s throat out. Then the lead witch lady, who is supposedly so powerful that she came back from centuries of being dead and is able to make vampires shake in their euro trash boots, cast this big fancy spell…that caused a fog. Big whoop. Still, Eric and Sookie both ended up in peril by the end, which is why some high ideas (high-deas)—like entering into a supernatural war—should be reviewed while sober before they are carried out.

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