J. Crew's Jenna Lyons Rebounds From Divorce With Hip New Girlfriend


J. Crew creative director/architect of Toemageddon Jenna Lyons‘ new girlfriend has allegedly been identified. Although the Post names none of its sources, it claims Lyons is rebounding with Courtney Crangi, after breaking up this summer with her husband of nine years, the artist Vincent Mazeau. Crangi is the sister and business partner of the jeweler Philip Crangi. Crangi and Lyons have been photographed attending fashion events together in recent months; the Post says they “have been spotted sharing romantic dinners at restaurants around the West Village,” too. A “source” says, “It’s a difficult time for Jenna and Courtney. Jenna’s divorce is really ugly but it’s great she has someone who is there for her.” We find it somewhat curious that the news that Lyons is pushing the gay agenda down America’s throats by actually dating someone of the same sex is generating vastly less controversy and media attention than that time she pushed the gay agenda down America’s throats by letting her son paint his toenails. Back then, all hell broke loose. [NYPost]

British store Debenhams knocked off Pippa Middleton‘s Alexander McQueen bridesmaid dress — rather poorly, as you can see from the baggy fit. The chain hired a professional Kate Middleton impersonator named Josie Bredo to introduce the creation to the press. [Telegraph]

Dutch model Iris Egbers walked in 46 fashion shows in three cities this past season. Afterwards, she wanted to “Sleep like crazy. During the shows, there were times when I’d go to bed at 2 o’clock with a 5:30 a.m. call time. And my skin was the worst it’s ever been just from the lack of sleep.” [WWD]

Here are photos of Heidi Klum preparing her two Halloween costumes, for her two Halloween parties. In Vegas, she’ll be a Bodies-esque cadaver. In New York City, where she’s hosting a bash at the Dream Downtown’s PH-D venue, she’ll be a monkey. [Fashionologie]

Forever 21 has been showing a hologram fashion show to people all over the world. At the Grove in L.A., they ran the thing 64 times, and apparently, 1600 folks watched. [Fashionista]

Online collections compendium Style.com is launching a printed collections compendium named Style.com/Print. The Times got a look, and reports:

Much of the content is similar to what’s typically found online: a collection of Twitter messages, Tommy Ton street-style photos, top-10 lists of most-viewed shows (Chanel was No. 1 with 3.5 million page views), the favorites of its editors (Balenciaga came in first), the most ubiquitous party people, the best shoes and bags and models, and the best-dressed fashionista based on reader votes (Giovanna Battaglia pulled off a major upset). Ms. Wixson also features prominently in a photo essay by Theo Wenner. And, should you actually wish to read something, and do not need glasses to consume very small font sizes, there are articles about Proenza Schouler, Donatella Versace and a Q-and-A with Azzedine Alaïa.

Lindsey Wixson‘s face, also shot by Wenner, is on the cover. There were rumors during the shows that the model and the son of Rolling Stone‘s Jann Wenner were dating. [NYTimes]

  • Tyra Banks went on Jimmy Kimmel last night; the host naturally asked her about Harvard Business School. “Jimmy, it is so. Damn. Hard,” replied Banks, who said she wasn’t sure what kind of degree her program would give her. Banks attends the Owner/President Management Program, a non-degree-granting course of study for currently employed executives who want to network at Harvard. OPM costs over $90,000 for about nine weeks of instruction, spread over three years. But Ty-Ty will waste no opportunity to tell you she’s practically living in a freshman dorm in Cambridge. [The Cut]
  • American Apparel‘s chief business development officer, Marty Staff, has left the company after just seven months. “Dov is a one-man band, and I don’t think I realized how singular that vision is,” said Staff, fairly diplomatically, of company founder and C.E.O. Dov Charney. “When I joined, I don’t think I realized how actively Dov manages every part of the company — from design to IT to marketing to finance. All roads lead through Dov. No judgment on that, but I think I was used to something more collaborative.” Charney released a statement that read in part, “his contributions to American Apparel have been very substantial.” [WWD]
  • Calvin Klein will be the keynote speaker at this year’s Vogue/Council of Fashion Designers of America Fashion Fund Awards, which takes place on November 14. [WWD]
  • Meanwhile, the CFDA added three members to its board: Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez of Proenza Schouler, and Marc Jacobs. [WWD]
  • Giorgio Armani thinks Ethan Hawke should play him in the movie of his life, if there were a movie of his life. [Racked]
  • Fatima Siad, who participated in America’s Next Top Model Cycle 10, has been quietly working as a model since, and walked for Dries Van Noten and Hermès this season. Siad says ANTM is produced with as much fuckery as you might imagine, if not more: “They just want to make you the most uncomfortable, so that you’re on edge. As an example, when we were shooting on the boat and Marvita [Washington] was getting seasick and basically, what happened was that they had Advil, but they didn’t want to give it to her to see how she would react. Or if you wanted water or needed to go pee, sometimes they would just hold us in the car.” Siad says she lives next door to Whitney Thompson, who won Cycle 10, and they get on well now that they can both eat food, drink water, and use the bathroom when they damn well feel like it. [The Cut]
  • Saks Fifth Avenue now has its own proprietary tartan. The Scottish Tartan Authority assigned the department store “a black-and-white tartan whose history dates to the Highland Guard, or 79th New York, a Civil War regiment from the 79th Street Armory in New York City that marched down Fifth Avenue past the store in the 1860s, Ott said. The tartan will be used on a variety of products, including sport coats.” [WWD]
  • The next episode of Vice’s new series Fashion Week Internationale is here. It covers New York City’s Full-Figured Fashion Week. [Vice]
  • So, the army is considering changing its grooming standards for female recruits. Which, apparently, they decided to open to public consultation…on Facebook. Which is weird, but anyway: the army’s thinking of banning French-tipped manicures. To which we can only say: ew, people still wear that tacky pink-and-white shit on their hands? People other than Michele Bachmann? Please ban it. Better yet, just make every new recruit add the Daily Nail to their RSS and stock the commissary with OPI. Priorities! [Facebook via BellaSugar]
  • Meanwhile, if your favorite nail polish color or lipstick has been discontinued, you can ask a company called Giella will formulate a similar one for you. It costs $28 for a lippy and $25 for a polish, which is a lot more than just mixing it yourself out of colors you have (last summer’s yellow + that red you never liked = coral, people). [Fashionista]
  • P. Diddy‘s Sean John clothing line is expanding. Macy’s opened two large Sean John stores-within-stores in San Francisco and New York City, and plans another 10 for 2012. P. Diddy says, “Things are going up and improving every week and every month. Between our new relationships with Macy’s and with Li & Fung, we are in the rhythm now. We have our fit right, the production is right, our deliveries are on time and everything is good.” [WWD]
  • And Jason Wu now has a 200 square foot space in Bergdorf’s dedicated just to his line. [WWD]
  • And now, a moment with Tim Gunn, who weighs in on Star Trek (the original series) costume design with the folks at Crazy Sexy Geeks. Of the Mirror Universe, where the cast looked like sparkly, sash-wearing space pirates, he says:
  • “Did they mix this up with I Dream of Jeannie? That’s a wrap vest [that Kirk is wearing]. Maybe Diane von Furstenberg was watching this episode.”
  • [The Mary Sue]
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