J-Lo Didn't Get Face Surgery–She's Just NATURALLY MAGNIFICENT

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After some dickhead plastic surgeon tweeted a photo of Jennifer Lopez‘s face and claimed that she’d clearly had work done, J-Lo hopped on the tweeter and SMACKED THAT SHIT DOWN HERSELF.

Dr. [REDACTED BECAUSE WHAT A DICKHEAD], who identifies himself as a “facial plastic and laser surgeon” in London, tweeted, “These before and after pics of @JLo show many signs of#plasticsurgery – naturally pretty but now looks amazing.”
That’s when Lopez decided to step in (figuratively speaking).
“@[DICKHEAD] Sorry Sir, but I have never had plastic surgery of any kind. #fact,” she responded.

What a creepy, opportunistic, invasive dickhead. #fact [E!]

Shania Twain says that we shouldn’t shame pop stars for showing off their bodays.

About a week after [Katy] Perry, 29, said today’s pop stars need to “put it away” when it comes to showing too much skin, Twain, 48, told ET Canada in an episode airing Monday as a part of its Shania week, “I don’t think [pop stars are] too sexy now.”

Explained the starlet, “The boundaries are really up to the individual and then it’s up to the viewer whether they like it or not.”

Looking back on being criticized for showing her stomach in a music video before it was common, Twain said, “I’m very comfortable with myself. I’m not bearing my midriff for effect or for shock factor … I’m just doing it because I like my midriff.”

K. [People]

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